Use Case


  • Integration with multiple banking systems to enable.
  • ATM Withdrawal Alerts from ATM Switc.
  • One Time Passwords for Authentication.
  • Credit / Debit Alerts.
  • NetBanking / Online Transaction Alerts
  • POS Transaction Alerts.
  • Credit Card / Loan Payment reminder alerts


  • SMS activities across different Govt agencies to benefit Indian citizens.
  • Health Department sending awareness alerts through Central Database.
  • Ministry of Petroleum announcing subsidy campaign to eligible citizen.
  • IT Department notifications to tax payer.
  • Prime Minister campaigns for greetings and Swachh Bharat movement


  • Integration with eCommerce Websites, rendering engines and Payment Gateways to enable real-time alerts.
  • One Time Passwords for Authentication.
  • Order Confirmation.
  • Order Delivery/Cash on Delivery Update.
  • Post transaction feedback surveys.
  • Dormant users retargeting.

OTT/Social Media

  • Integration with OTT Applications/Social Networks to enable audience engagement.
  • One Time Password for registration on OTT/Social application.
  • Mobile Notifications for new friend requests, wall posts, comments.
  • Two Way conversations


  • Integration with CRM and Lead Management Systems to enable customer interaction.
  • Car Service Due Reminders.
  • Car Service Invoice Updates and Pickup.
  • Test Drive Management.
  • Roadside assistance.
  • Feedback surveys.


  • Integration with DTH Applications, CRM and Gateways to enable alerts/notifications.
  • One Time Passwords for Authentication.
  • Package Purchase Confirmations.
  • Package Renewal Updates.
  • On demand / Movie Showcase Bookings.
  • Post transaction feedback surveys.