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Enhance security for your business and applications with our user-friendly and feature-rich APIs. Safeguard your user logins and authorize transactions effectively.

Textify Digitals 2FA Verifier API

Our user-friendly and feature-rich APIs are specifically designed for stronger authentication, with simple coding that can be easily customized to meet your specific needs and seamlessly integrate with your workflow.

Generate OTP code and send to user mobile

You don’t need to worry about OTP code generation and deliver the OTP code to user, all handled by Textify Digitals Verify API for you. just follow these steps

Verify user entered otp code.

After the user enters the OTP code received for verification, make an API call to the verification API, providing the saved OTP_ID and the entered OTP code as parameters.

Contact us to get a service presentation.

Textify Digitals offers a service presentation that can assist you in building customer trust and qualifying leads, highlighting the genuine value of effective communication.

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