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Using WhatsApp Business, automate conversational engagement.

Effectively interact with clients throughout the sales, marketing, and support processes—by obtaining their consent, engaging in meaningful conversations, and delivering real-time assistance.

Create marketing campaigns that convert

Deliver promotions, offers, and back-in-stock alerts while ensuring compliance with customer preferences and permissions.

Establish targeted campaigns to send abandonment notifications, appointment alerts, and re-buy reminders.

Automate the sending of order and booking confirmations, subscription reminders, and timely delivery updates, among other relevant notifications.

1:1 Customer support with deliver on moments of truth.

Enhance your customer care services by incorporating intelligent WhatsApp chatbots capable of efficiently handling a large volume of routine inquiries.

Streamline response time and operational expenses by utilizing canned responses and self-serve flows to address commonly asked questions.

Smoothly transition to live agents when faced with complex queries or handling frustrated customers, ensuring a seamless customer experience throughout the support journey.

Sell more with your WhatsApp store

Leverage the commerce API to showcase pertinent products from your catalog through WhatsApp product messages.

Send engaging multi and single-product messages that allow for interactive product presentation directly from your inventory.

Enable customers to add products to their shopping carts seamlessly, without the concern of outdated information such as pricing and availability.

WhatsApp API

Boost your sales potential with the power of our WhatsApp API, offered by Textify Digitals Networks.

Messaging Use Cases

Alerts and Notifications

Utilize WhatsApp messaging to ensure reliable delivery of critical messages, ranging from flight notifications and booking confirmations to delivery alerts.

Customer Support

Empower your sales and support teams to address product inquiries and customer service queries through your customers’ preferred messaging app.

User Verification and 2FA

Ensure the secure protection of customer accounts by implementing robust user verification processes, combined with reliable and swift message delivery for 2-factor authentication.

Use Cases and pricing our​ Find out more about

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