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Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS refers to automated text messages that companies send to provide support to their audience throughout the customer journey. These non-marketing messages serve various purposes, such as confirming orders, sending welcome messages, and providing shipping updates.

Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS, also referred to as text message alerts, are concise and informative messages used by businesses for transaction-related purposes. These messages serve as a direct means of communication with customers, delivering important information in a timely manner. Transactional SMS are commonly utilized for various types of notifications, including:

  1. Order confirmations: Sending SMS messages to customers to confirm their order details, such as items purchased, payment information, and shipping address.

  2. Appointment reminders: Notifying customers about upcoming appointments, including the date, time, and any necessary instructions or preparations.

  3. Delivery updates: Providing customers with real-time updates on the status of their deliveries, including tracking numbers, estimated delivery dates, and any relevant notifications.

  4. Account balance alerts: Sending SMS messages to customers to inform them about their account balances, transaction updates, or payment reminders.

  5. One-time passwords (OTPs): Generating and sending unique one-time passwords to customers for secure authentication during login, transaction verifications, or password resets.

Transactional SMS enable businesses to streamline their operations and maintain effective communication with their customers. By utilizing these messages, businesses can enhance the overall customer experience, ensuring timely and relevant information delivery. The use of transactional SMS contributes to increased customer trust, convenience, and satisfaction, ultimately fostering stronger customer relationships.

Transactional SMS has a number of benefits

Text messages are highly efficient to read, as highlighted by VentureBeat, with a staggering 90 percent of individuals reading their received texts within a mere three minutes. According to Gartner, their open rate reaches 98%, which is much higher than e-mail advertising and marketing.

Email marketing is a practical strategy considering that, on average, people spend around 3.5 hours per day using their mobile phones, as reported by Rescue Time. With such significant mobile usage, there is a great opportunity to reach and engage your target audience effectively. Many people take advantage of email marketing due to its effectiveness in reaching and engaging a wide audience. Leveraging SMS allows your brand to establish connections with individuals across multiple touch points, enabling effective communication and engagement. By utilizing SMS, your brand gains a heightened level of trustworthiness, enhancing its reputation and reliability.

The Difference between transactional and advertising SMS

Transactional SMS messages provide valuable information to consumers, distinguishing them from promotional SMS sent by businesses for marketing purposes. The key difference between advertising and transactional SMS lies in their timing. While promotional SMS are sent immediately, transactional SMS are set up once and then run automatically thereafter, consistently delivering relevant and timely information to recipients.

Various sorts of transactional SMS

In addition to marketing purposes, brands can utilize transactional SMS for various non-marketing objectives, such as:

  1. Monitoring Savings Account: Customers should be able to check credits and debits in their savings accounts.
  2. Account Accessibility with One-Time Passwords: One-time passwords should enable users to access their accounts.
  3. Password Reset: Users should have the option to reset their passwords.
  4. Order Verification: Double-checking orders to ensure accuracy.
  5. Delivery and Shipment Updates: Informing clients about delivery and shipment updates.
  6. Ticket Booking and Cancellation: Allowing customers to book and cancel tickets.
  7. Scheduling Appointments: Arranging appointments with multiple customers without the need for individual calls, thereby expediting communication.

To expedite communication and schedule appointments efficiently, here are some tips for sending transactional SMS messages.

Transactional SMS vs Promotional SMS

Unlike promotional SMS, which companies use for marketing purposes, transactional text messages provide customers with useful and informative content.

Furthermore, promotional SMS is typically sent immediately or scheduled as a campaign, whereas transactional SMS requires initial setup and then operates automatically thereafter.

Types of Transactional SMS

As a brand, there are several non-marketing purposes for which you can leverage transactional SMS.

  1. Confirm or cancel ticket booking information.
  2. Confirm orders to the selected audience to ensure everything is OK.
  3. Help to get access to an account with OTP.
  4. Reset passwords.
  5. Schedule appointments to speed up communication with multiple customers without personal or Email contact.
  6. Keep clients informed with shipping and delivery updates.

How to Send Transactional SMS

  1. Register with Textify Digitals
  2. Create your username and password
  3. Upload your sender ID’s & template in the Textify Digitals Application 
  4. Upload contacts or Copy Paste from the excel in the Textify Digitals Application
  5. Click to send

Transactional SMS Examples

Integrate Textify Digitals SMS API easily

Utilizing our Transactional SMS API allows for swift and effortless sending of SMS messages. As soon as you are all set up, Textifydigitals will send your international messages instantly

Analyze the performance of your SMS campaign

Your Textify Digitals dashboard provides easy access to our Transactional SMS API or the API directly. Access real-time, comprehensive, and data-driven reports to enhance your transactional SMS strategies.

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