Textify Digitals

SIM Based SMS Service

Many people tend to ignore SMS messages without opening them when they see an unfamiliar sender ID in their message inbox. To address this issue, we have introduced SIM-based SMS as a solution. This innovative approach allows you to conduct promotional marketing campaigns with a significantly higher view rate, as it eliminates the need for a sender ID. Our extensive SIM-based SMS sending system ensures that users receive SMS messages without any sender ID, instead displaying a numeric identifier. Through our analysis, we have observed an impressive SMS view rate of 99%. Despite being sent with normal priority, SIM-based SMS delivers a remarkable 99% view rate among customers, making it an exceptionally reliable method for promotional and advertising purposes.

Due to the impressive view ratio of SMS, SIM-based SMS has revolutionized promotional and advertising messages. However, when it comes to transactional SMS, SIM-based SMS is not our preferred choice.

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