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RCS Business message lets you stand out in the message inbox.

Enhance customer engagement in marketing, commerce, and customer service through the strategic utilization of dynamic multimedia, impactful branding, credible trust indicators, and immersive conversational experiences.

What is RCS (RBM) SMS?

RCS stands for Rich Communication services. It is an upgraded form of SMS. With RCS, businesses can bring branded, interactive mobile experiences to their end-customers, in the form of interactive messages with- images, GIFs, videos, suggested replies and carousels.

The biggest positive with RCS vis-a-vis SMS is that it is a 2-way communication (interactive in nature) between the sender (bot) and the end user, unlike A2P SMS which is typically one-way (sender to user).

The business to end-user RCS messaging is termed as RBM (RCS Business Messaging).

What is RCS Agent?

An agent is a conversational entity that interacts with users by sending messages and reacting to users’ responses. Users interact with agents via a RCS-enabled messaging app, such as the Android Messages app, on their devices.

The ‘RCS Bot’ reference in some later sections is identical to an RBM Agent. These two terms are synonymous.

What is the different types of RCS (RBM) Agents?

RBM Agents are generally classified into 3 categories:

OTP Agents – OTP (or One-time-password) agents are used to send RCS messages for authenticating an account. They are also used in those transactions which are time-sensitive and of immediate nature

Transactional Agents –These are used to send notifications & information to existing customers about a business. They also provide relevant information for a customer’s existing services/products/editorial & media content

Promotional Agents –These agents are used for sending sales/marketing and promotional messages to new or existing customers, about new or existing or services or products with the intention to sell, x-sell, up-sell now or in the future

How can I create a RCS (RBM) Bot on Textify Digitals Platform?

RCS Bot can be created on the Textify Digitals Platform by following the below steps:

  • Login to the Textify Digitals Platform with a valid User/Aggregator/Developer account
  • Navigate to the “My Bots” section
  • Here you will find the option to “Create New RCS Bot”
  • Fill in the form with the required RCS and Brand details
  • Add a logo and banner image as per the resolution(in px) mentioned
  • Select the carriers in which you want to launch the Bot
  • Click on “Submit”

What is a Template?

A Template is a predefined set of RBM UI elements e.g., a Rich Card with suggestions which can be used as a base for formulating messages in your campaign to the target audience.

Once a bot is created, the aggregator can create multiple templates against the bot and use them for running campaigns. You can add images, videos and suggested actions for your template.

  • There are three types of templates supported:
  • Rich Card Stand-alone
  • Rich Card Carousel
  • Text Message

When a customer is on-boarded to the Textify Digitals-RBM Platform, how is the branding managed?

The RBM Agent created for a particular Brand, includes – assets such as Display Name, Logo, Banner Image, Website, Contact Number, TOS (Terms of Service) and PP (Privacy Policy) that represents the Brand. End users will receive the RCS message in the chat inside Google Messages App with the RBM Agent where they will see these assets.

Unmatched capacity for rich, 2-way conversations that flow smoothly

Universal RCS

Extend your reach to users beyond Android devices and provide a Rich Communication Services (RCS)-like experience on iPhones.

Unmatched Reach

Enhance the overall user experience by leveraging SMS fallback, ensuring a seamless communication channel without compromising on reach.

Launch campaigns across carriers

Effortlessly create RCS agents, execute campaigns, and efficiently manage payments across all carriers for a streamlined and comprehensive experience.

Agent Assist

Deliver uninterrupted support by seamlessly transferring interactions from bots to live agents, ensuring a smooth and continuous customer experience.

Timely & relevant messages

Your messages avoiding the spam by sending anticipated, timely, and relevant. Leverage our auto-capping capability to control message frequency and ensure.

Deep Analytics

Track and analyze campaign-level to gain valuable insights into customer conversations, enabling data-driven and optimization your marketing strategies.


Higher conversions than other channels


Consumers prefer to engage with a brand via RCS

50+ Million

RCS subscribers globally


Higher open rate than email

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