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International SMS

Our SMS International service allows users to send text messages from any internet-based electronic device to mobile phones worldwide. With our service, you can reach over 800 operators in 200+ countries, making it a convenient mass messaging solution.

International SMS service features

  • Global two-way SMS messaging for seamless worldwide communication.
  • Full account control through our user-friendly web interface.
  • HTTP, REST, and SMPP SMS API access for seamless integration.
  • Access to our web SMS applications
  • Intelligent message sending software, for instant delivery
  • Dynamic sender id originator
  • Binary sender ID support for WAP push, ringtones, logos, VIP cards, and our messages with headers
  • Delivery reports
  • Unicode SMS to support all languages
  • International texting numbers (shared and dedicated)        

To support two-way texting for international destinations, we offer local texting numbers in over 33 countries. You’ll have access to more than 12 countries, and for the rest, you can select your own number. Our SMS campaigns, including SMS polling, require users to send a keyword to a designated texting number. Local SMS texting numbers are available for various countries, including Canada, Puerto Rico, Spain, Germany, Australia, Austria, Sweden, UK, Mexico, Ireland, Hong Kong, and Brazil.

SMS replies for international destinations

To receive SMS replies from international destinations, simply use the sender ID “27126”. Our system maps local numbers of all countries to this shortcode, eliminating the need to worry about specific sender IDs for each country. All replies will be automatically mapped to “27126”, allowing users to receive text messages on their local numbers in the respective countries they are communicating with.

Send global SMS messages with dedicated numbers and alpha tags.

By utilizing dedicated SMS numbers or branded alpha tags, available in your region, you can distinguish your messages effectively. Dedicated numbers enable two-way communication, while alpha tags support one-way messaging. Two-way messaging facilitates seamless customer communication, including opt-outs, appointment changes, and customer service callbacks.

What are the benefits of international SMS?

International SMS is popular due to its affordability, effectiveness, and reliability in reaching clients overseas. It is ideal for communication requiring high delivery confidence, such as travel updates, marketing messages, and billing notifications. SMS generates greater customer engagement with a high open rate and quick response time, surpassing email and tweets. With international SMS, you can reach customers worldwide, ensuring your messages are received.

Exactly How To Send SMS Internationally?

Sending international text messages while abroad can be expensive, but there are cost-effective options available. Use free international messaging apps or websites to stay in touch without incurring roaming charges. Disable mobile data or enable Airplane Mode to avoid additional costs. Utilize Wi-Fi and download apps that offer global texting services to communicate without breaking the bank.

How To Send Out Worldwide SMS On IPhone?

When you’re abroad, sending international text messages from your iPhone can be costly. However, there are several applications available that allow you to send text messages internationally without incurring high expenses. These apps offer different features, such as using your data plan or Wi-Fi for communication, or assigning a dedicated text-only number for each contact. One popular app for free international texting on iPhone is iMessage, which may not be a traditional SMS solution but effectively serves the purpose when communicating with other iMessage users. By utilizing these apps, you can stay connected with your family and friends in other countries without draining your bank account. To further optimize costs, remember to disable mobile carrier data or activate Airplane Mode when outside your home country, relying on Wi-Fi for connectivity. Downloading one or two international texting apps will provide you with convenient solutions for staying in touch while keeping expenses under control.

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